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“The Photographer” means Sally Wood Photography Ltd. “The Client” means any person, body of persons, firm or company with whom the Photographer enters into a contract of sales of goods or provision of services by The Photographer


shoot dates/times

All shoot dates and times are subject to availability and are allocated on a first come first served basis.  To secure an available shoot date and time The Photographer will require payment of the stated sitting fee from The Client at the time of booking the shoot.



Bookings for photography shoots must be made by persons aged 18 or over.  All subjects age 17 or under must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or legal guardian.


cancellation or rescheduling of shoots

The Client may cancel/reschedule their shoot and have a refund of any sitting fees paid, providing they give The Photographer a minimum of 5 days notice in writing.  If the client gives less than 5 days notice, all fees paid are non refundable.

 On instances where The Client arrives late or fails to attend their shoot at the agreed time, The Photographer reserves the right to shorten or cancel the shoot without the refunding of any fees paid.  The rescheduling of such shoots will be subject to The Photographers Standard fees.

 Shoots purchased through Voucher or Promotion are Non Refundable.


creative licence

The Photographer shall be granted creative and artistic license in relation to the choice of poses, lighting effects, artistic style, the number of photographs taken and the digital processing of the images.  The Photographer shall endeavour to undertake any set-ups or poses requested by the Client subject to time available and the willingness and cooperation of the subjects being photographed.

The Photographer has the absolute right to select the images that will be shown to The Client at the viewing.  All Photographs rejected by The Photographer during the selection process will be permanently deleted and will not be available for The Client to view.  The choice and number of photographs shown to The Client will be deemed as correct.



At all times, The Client will be responsible for the safety and conduct of all persons in their party whilst on The Photographer’s premises or on location.  The Photographer reserves the right to terminate their activities without refunding any fees if he deems the conduct of any person to be unruly, inappropriate or likely to cause harm to persons or damage property.  The Client agrees to pay in full for all loss (including consequential loss) and damage caused by anyone in their party.


placing an order

The Photographer requires payment in full from The Client on all orders placed.  Orders will only be processed when payment has been made.

 Due to the custom nature of the products produced, orders cannot be cancelled and all payments are non-refundable.



Vouchers issued to The Client must be redeemed by the expiry date shown on the voucher, or it will no longer be valid.  There is no cash alternative, refunds or change given.  Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or existing shoot provided by The Photographer.  It cannot be used for any other service other than what is described on the Voucher.

 The Photographer reserves the right to charge a booking fee on all voucher shoots.  This will be refunded in full once The Client has attended the shoot and the viewing at the agreed times.  Non attendance at these times will result in the booking fee being retained and the voucher benefits being cancelled.


size and colour matching

All sizes quoted by the photographer are approximate and due to the bespoke nature of the Photographers work, may not be compatible with standard sizes.  Due to limitations of materials and printing processes, it is not possible to guarantee a perfect colour match.  The Photographer will endeavour to provide the closest possible match, which will be deemed as correct.


retention of photograps and products

The photographs shown to The Client are retained for a minimum of 6 months from the date of the shoot.  After that time The Photographer reserves the right to permanently delete the photographs without notice and without refunding any fees paid.  If the Client does not view the photographs or make a purchase of prints/digital files within 4 months of their shoot, it will be assumed that The Client has no requirement to view the photographs and The Photographer reserves the right to permanently delete the photographs without notice and without the refunding of any fees paid.

 Goods should be collected within 6 months of the order being placed, The Photographer reserves the right to dispose of any items without the refunding of any payments made.


public display, marketing and promotions

The Photographer reserves the right to publicly display and use any of the photographs taken during The Clients shoot for marketing, promotional, competitions, exhibitions, social media and editorial purposes.  If The Client prefers not to have the photographs put on public display they should inform The Photographer in writing.


copyright and ownership

In accordance with the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, The Photographer owns the copyright on all photographs taken.  It is a criminal offence for The Client or any other person to scan, copy, save, alter/manipulate, upload, download, reproduce or print the photographs in any way or by any other means.

 On instances where The Client purchases high resolution images in electronic format, the copyright remains with The Photographer, but The Client is granted a license to make unlimited reproductions of the purchased images for personal and non-commercial purposes.  The Client is not permitted to sell on, charge for or allow the photographs to be used by a third party (including commercial organisations) without the written permission of The Photographer.  Reproduction fees may be applicable.

Other licensing terms will apply for photographs taken specifically for commercial purposes.

 All original negatives, transparencies and digital files will remain the property of The Photographer.


errors, omissions and complaints

Claims for damage, defects, non delivery or shortages will not be considered unless notified in writing within seven days of delivery.  The clients statutory rights are not affected.


force majeure

In the event of photographic failure or due to acts or events beyond The Photographers control, including (but not limited to) death, illness, act of God, breakdown, inclement weather, catastrophic loss of data or the failure to deliver goods and services provided by The Photographers suppliers or sub-contractors, The Photographers liability will be limited for the refund of any shoot fees paid.



The Photographer shall not be liable for any economic loss, loss of profit, loss of business or any claims for consequential compensation however caused.  In all cases The Photographer liability shall be limited to a refund of shoot fees paid.


client personal information

The Photographer will store the Clients name and address details on a private database.  The Photographer will not make these details available to third parties, unless required to do so by law.


governing law

Any contract made between The Photographer and The Client shall in all respects be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties hereto submit to jurisdiction of the English courts.


terms and conditions

These Terms and Conditions are subject to change without prior notice.


privacy policy

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