Covid – 19 Studio Rules

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covid-19 studio rules

Sally Wood Photography Ltd is a Covid-19 secure studio.  The health, safety and welfare of the photographer and customers is of paramount importance at this time.  Therefore the following rules MUST be adhered to.


Sally Wood COVID cert (1)


studio cleaning

The studio will be cleaned before and after every studio session using disinfectant and steam cleaning.  All surfaces that could have been touched and props used will be sanitised. Any outfits belonging to Sally Wood Photography Ltd will be washed between portrait sessions.  The studio will be aired thoroughly to minimise any droplets in the air.


time between sessions

At least an hour will be left between sessions to enable the above studio clean and to ensure there is no contact between customers arriving and leaving the premises.


sick policy

Customers will be required to disclose if anyone coming to the studio has had a fever, cough, loss of taste and smell or any other symptoms of Covid-19 or has  taken a test or tested positive for Covid -19 within 24 hrs before their session.  Appointments will be arranged at no cost. 


studio rules & social distancing

The customer’s temperature will be taken at the door and hand sanitizer is to be used on entrance.  Only one parent allowed into the studio during the photo shoot when photographing a child.  A screen has been provided for the parent to sit behind whilst accompanying the child.  A Mask to be worn by the parent for the duration of the shoot. Failure to comply will result in the session being cancelled. The photographer will wear a face shield.  Every effort will be made to keep the 2m social distancing rule at all times. During the shoot instruction will be given to the client from a distance regarding posing etc.   Parents may be asked to help move their child or adjust hair/clothing etc as requested by the photographer.  There may be certain types of posing and photography that is not possible at this time due to safety.  Due to the rule of 6 no more than 5 people (including children & babies) may be photographed together at once at this time.



Only 2 people will be allowed to a viewing, children will not be permitted at this time.  The viewers will be required to sit behind a protective screen and must wear a mask throughout the duration of the viewing.  Temperatures will be taken at the door and hand sanitizer must be used upon entering.


by appointment only

All photo shoots and viewings are to be made by appointment only to ensure no contact between customers, to minimise the risk to photographers and for cleaning to be enabled.


track & trace

Details will be stored for a short time for track and trace purposes.